Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

KissKiss HugHug™ was created in 2008 by close friends Felecia & Jacqueline. Both were new mums who found themselves self-conscious when faced with the thought of breast feeding their new additions in public. Deciding to do something about it, the KissKiss HugHug breastfeeding cover was born.

As two new mums wanting to feel confident and stylish, we launched KissKiss HugHug™ for mums and babies looking for unique and fashionable breastfeeding covers and baby accessories.

We treat the KissKiss HugHug brand as a fashion label and take pride in our funky, original designs. Our first two products, the KissKiss HugHug breastfeeding cover and our unique Dummy Savers are designed to ensure mum and baby always look their best!