Fun Educational Wooden Toys

Our Top Pick of Educational wooden Toys

Our Top Pick of Educational wooden Toys

We love educational wooden toys at That’s 2 Cute.  All our toys are made from sustainable timber and made from non toxic materials. Each toy meets the strict Australian standards for toy safety. 

1) My First Calendar

A fun teaching tool to help your children learn all about days of the week, months, seasons and weather.

2) Cuisenaire Rods

The fun way to solve mathematical problems.

Remember these? You most likely used them at school. They have been around since 1920 and provide a hands on approach to learning mathematics.

3) Noah’s 3 in 1 Ark

The I’m Toy modern day wooden Noah’s Ark has a few surprises. It can be converted from a traditional Ark, into Noah’s Plane or Noah’s Car. It is a fun as well as an educational toy

4) World Map Sticker Tote

Ok this is not a wooden toy, but it is educational and we really love these sticker totes they make the perfect travel Toy. Great to bring out on a long plane or car trip or while at a restaurant.

5) Matching Pairs Flags of the World

Learn the flags of the world while having fun.

6) I’m Toy 7 in 1 learning Centre has it all!

  • A Clock
  • Learn the alphabet with the turning blocks. Letters on one side and pictures on the back
  • An abacus
  • An art easel with a roll of paper
  • A chalkboard
  • A whiteboard
  • A shape sorting labyrinth puzzle

7)Animal Shadow Game

Whose shadow is that? Match the coloured animal pieces to their correct shadow. A fun educational matching game that will teach children about silhouettes as well as different animals.

8) ABC 123 Learning Blocks

These wooden ABC blocks will give your child endless hours of educational fun. Each block contains a coloured side with either a letter, number or mathematical symbol eg. +,=



Trolley Covers by That’s 2 Cute

Why Should You Use A Trolley Cover?

Trolley Covers

Trolley Covers

Let’s face the facts. Shopping trolleys are filthy. They may look rather clean but it’s the hidden nasties and bacteria that cover them that can actually be a trigger for many illnesses. Taking your gorgeous bubba to the shops no longer needs to be a cringe-worthy moment when you equip yourself with a trolley cover. Why should you use one? Let’s see!

Germ free

The main reason has to be the fact that harmful bacteria and viruses are found on shopping trolleys everywhere. We do all we can as parents to protect our children at home by keeping floors and surfaces clean, but unfortunately we cannot always vouch for the hygiene of others and its an unfortunate fact that germs live on trolleys. An easy to use trolley cover protects the trolley seat and handles, keeping little people safe from inadvertently putting bugs into their mouths.

Entertainment on the go

Trolley covers are designed with kids and entertainment in mind. Typically they come with toy loops that allow you to attach their favourite rattles and playthings to the cover. While you are shopping and needing those few minutes to concentrate, they are entertained, happy and safe.

Super handy for keys or snacks

You can never have enough pockets when you are trying to juggle a baby and extras like car keys, a purse and your phone. Trolley covers have handy pockets for the essential gadgets. They can even hold a healthy snack or drink for your child to keep them distracted and hydrated on the go!

Trolley Covers for Comfort and safety

Super padded and comfy, trolley covers keep baby from hurting themselves or getting stuck between the rungs. The best part too is that they can be easily cleaned so any germs they pick up can be removed with a machine wash.
Trolley covers come in a range of colours and designs, are easy to insert and best of all keep your child safe from unpleasant germs. They make an ideal practical new baby gift or treat to make outings with your own child a little easier.
Don’t delay. Get your trolley covers today at That’s 2 Cute!
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Mums Gifts by That’s 2 Cute

 The Top 5 Must Haves For New Mums

Between feeding a baby, changing nappies and getting used to a sleepless lifestyle, new mums deserve to be pampered with a few special gifts. The VIP treatment doesn’t need to wait until after the baby is born either. We have 5 great gift suggestions for pregnancy and beyond to help her feel more comfortable, a little bit pampered and ready to get on with the business of nurturing a new life.

1. Expectant mum stickers

Capturing the days and weeks of a pregnancy in a clever and creative way is sure to put a smile on the face of a new mum. If you are looking for a special gift, look no further than expectant mum stickers. Mums can capture their pregnant bellies growing with fun progress stickers so they will never have that daunting query of “how many weeks was I here?”


Expectant Mum Stickers


2. A belly cast kit

As soon as a baby is born and a new mum’s tummy starts to shrink, the memories of the fully pregnant belly start to fade. How amazing would it be to be able to capture that memory forever with a belly cast? You can do it yourself and once it’s dry, you can set to work and decorate it with hand and foot prints, cute paintings or your own memorable touches.

A belly cast kit

belly cast kit

3. A stylish nappy bag

Mums quickly realise that their modern designer clutch is no longer feasible when it comes to carrying nappies, wipes, a change of clothes and food from a to b. Luckily there are a range of nappy bags available that really do look like the latest trend but secretly provide a home to everything mum and bub need. Mum no longer needs to feel like she is lugging a clunky baby bag around – it is possible to be stylish and practical at the same time!

Stylish Nappy Bag

Stylish Nappy Bag

4. Gorgeous jewellery for mum and baby

Did you know that mums can adorn themselves with absolutely stunning jewellery that is also safe for babies to chew on when they are teething? Give a new mum a bold, colorful bangle or funky necklace and no one except their baby has to know the secret they hold. They are so stylish everyone will want to know where they got them. Gifts for mum no longer have to be dull and boring!

Gorgeous jewellery for mum and baby

Gorgeous jewellery for mum and baby

5. Pamper kit

New mums give every second of their day to their new babies, and wouldn’t have it any other way. But it’s nice to give them the chance for a bit of ‘me time’ in amongst the new responsibilities. Pampering new mums with a range of essential oils, a manicure or even a few home cooked meals will be enormously appreciated.

Looking for something special to give a new mum? Take a look at the huge range of mums gifts today at That’s 2 Cute!

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Kids Toys by That’s 2 Cute

Must Have Kids Toys

You are not alone if you walk into a toyshop and find yourself completely overwhelmed with the range of kids toys available. These days, your child can have anything and everything that squeaks, talks, runs and drives! Unfortunately though, many of these toys are not built to last, and children get bored very quickly with games that don’t let them use their imagination. When it comes to must-have kids’ toys, there are a few simple classics that tick all the right boxes when it comes to fun, safety and imaginative interaction.

Timeless wooden toys

It’s so lovely to see wooden toys slowly making a return to our children’s toy boxes. Timeless wooden toys speak quality and never come with small removable parts that are dangerous to little ones. Old favourites like alphabet blocks and activity shapes may be the first that spring to mind, but if you shop around you’ll be amazed at the varieties available for kids of all ages including chalkboard laptops, puzzles and tea party essentials.
There’s no need to rush out for batteries or be concerned with toxic paint and cheap parts. Wooden toys today last and become classic family hand-me-downs for years to come.

Wooden Kids Toys

I’m Toy farm house walk and learn

A special best friend

There’s always one teddy, doll or stuffed animal that a child clings to growing up that means more to them than just being something to cuddle. They grace the table during pretend play, are dressed up in fancy costumes and are always there at night when they are needed. Every child loves a ragdoll or plush teddy to become its special best friend.


Alimrose Dolls

Bath toys

Bath time is a fun ritual in many households, and the necessary cleaning is only a small part of the game! Classic rubber ducks and tugboats are must have toys for the tub. Colourful, safe and child-friendly, they help to inspire imaginative play, story time and are easily housed in an animal storage caddy. Help make bath time fun and enjoyable every day.
Fashionable trinkets will come and go, but classical kids’ toys designed to last, nurture and inspire are the must have toys your child will enjoy the most.
Looking for something special for your child? Take a look at the fabulous range of kids’ toys today at That’s 2 Cute!

Kids Toys For The Bath

Bath Toys

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Nursery Decor by That’s 2 Cute

How To Make Your Nursery Amazing

A nursery is a special room that provides your child with warmth and love at bedtime, but also helps to create life long memories. But there is more to decorating this room than your choice of nursery furniture and the color you paint the walls. Make your nursery an amazing, creative and a safe haven for your little one with cleverly selected nursery decor.

Storage solutions with personality

nursery decor

3 Sprouts Canvas Storage Caddy

You can never have enough storage in a child’s room and when your choice of unit doubles as an adorable feature, it ticks the useful and amazing decor boxes! Have you ever thought of opting for a portable cotton canvas caddy? Adorned with colourful animals, it can be home to nappies and wipes, memorable treasures or simply carried from room to room keeping your child’s favourite toys close at hand.

Mirrors that double as wall decor

We all know that children are mesmerized when they first look into a mirror and see their own reflection. It certainly is a priceless memory as well as a major developmental milestone. Help your child learn and grow with removable, shatterproof mirror shapes in an range of imaginative designs. Decor like this goes with any colour scheme and is a real talking point when visitors drop by!

Mirrors for Nursery Decor

Gorgeous Mirrors

Nightlights with a wow factor

Gone are the days where a nightlight was a simple glowing bulb. These days you can choose from an amazing selection of lamps that are themed to suit your child’s latest fascination, but also glow in the dark, reflect soft images around the room and even play music. Set them to turn off automatically after a set time to give your child comfort at bed time, but a restful sleep through the night. They also make an ideal subtle light whilst you are night feeding. Whatever your lighting decor preferences, there is a nightlight to suit you.
Decorating a nursery can be overwhelming. There are so many options, a huge variety of color palettes and a range of themes to suit all tastes and budgets. Creating an amazing nursery is about using decor that is stylish and functional to help you deal with the practicalities of parenting while you’re creating those precious memory moments.
Get your dose of inspiration and the perfect nursery decor at That’s 2 Cute today.

Night Lights for Nursery decor

Stylish Nightlights

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Paleo Tuna and Sweet Potato Cakes

We got cooking today, and made paleo tuna and sweet potato cakes. They were delicious.
Wish I had of made a double or even triple batch as they were very popular. They went
like hot cakes!

Little Miss almost 4 year old was very interested when I got out all the ingredients
and told her that it was a special kids recipe, and couldn’t make them without her
help. So off she went and got her apron and pushed a chair up to the kitchen bench
ready for action.

When I’m cooking, I don’t usually let her up in the kitchen (as much as I can help)
since it’s a little dangerous with knives etc. so when I was chopping ingredients and
putting them in bowls she was intrigued. It was cute to see her so interested, must
involve her more often.


Scarlette checking out the ingredients

When it came time to mash up the sweet potato I handed my daughter the masher and let
her go for it. She had a ball. She’s good at being destructive. Then after she mashed up the sweet potato, she lost interest in what I was doing, and wanted to make her own creation. So she got out pots, pans and utensils and both kids got busy clanging around pretending to cook. They were having fun.


Mashing up the sweet potato


Scarlette and Alex “cooking”


Tuna and Sweet Potato Cakes


So here’s the recipe. I got it from my friends paleo foodie Instagram. She’s extremely
talented and posts new recipes, ideas, tips and tricks everyday.

You can find her Instagram account here

1 medium- large sweet potato
(Peeled and steamed or microwaved)
1 tin tuna in spring water 450g (the olive oil types also have vegetable oil in them)
1/2 red onion finely chopped
1 spring onion finely chopped
1 small handful coriander chopped
2 eggs

Preheat oven to 180* and line a baking tray with baking paper.

In a large bowl (or the container you cooked it in) mash the sweet potato. Then add all
of the other ingresweet potato cakes. They were delicious.

Heat a heavy based pan and melt some ghee. Using an ice cream scoop or large spoon,
spoon portions into the pan and flatten into party shapes. Cook on medium high for a
few minutes. Gently flip and cook for a few more minutes. Lift out of pan and onto
baking tray. Repeat with the rest if the mix until all the mix is cooked.
Bake in the oven for about 10-15 mins now, or set aside until you’re ready to cook

Paleo Chocolate Recipe

Paleo Chocolate

Paleo chocolate


I am a self confessed chocoholic and I am happy to say that here is lots of research out there that proves how great a good quality chocolate is for you.

But it is so hard to find one that firstly, doesn’t cost a fortune for one small piece and secondly, is not full of additives, sugar and other undesirables.

I use this as my quick, easy, no cook go to paleo chocolate recipe.

get creative and add your own favorite nuts, fruits or natural flavors to spice things up a bit. My kids love freeze dried strawberries or rasberries. You can also adjust the amount of honey to your taste.

All ingredients are from our local farmers market, but you can also get them from any good health food shop.

Here are some of my favorite ingredients to add to the base recipe:

• A few drops orange or peppermint oils
• Nuts
• Freeze dried raspberry or strawberry
• Pinch of salt
• Powdered chilli

What you will need:


Paleo Chocolate

Paleo Chocolate recipe Ingredients


1. 100g Cacao Butter
2. 1 TBSP Honey
3. 100g Organic raw cacao powder
4. Silicone ice cube molds or chocolate molds


I do this in the thermomix but a double boiler or microwave will work just as well.

1. Melt the Cacao butter and honey together
2. Stir in the cacao until it is nice, smooth and shine
3. Add whatever flavorings, fruits or nuts takes your fancy. I added orange oil to this batch
4. Spoon into a mold of your choice.
5. Pop in the fridge. They will be set nice and solid in about half an hour.

And there you have it a quick easy paleo chocolate.

I have a piece or 2 each day with a cup of tea, which must be from my favourite vinatge style enamel tea mug

Mothers Corn Bubble Blowing Kit Review

This bubble blowing kit was so much fun! Not like a regular messy bubble wand My kids (and I) had a ball with it.

We took it out on our deck to make bubbles, We were so impressed at how long the bubbles lasted once blown. They were landing on the roof of their cubby house, on the dog, and even on me. They were just sitting there for about a minute before they popped! They absolutely loved that about them.

The bubble blowing kit was super easy for my 3 year old to use.

Usually she struggles with regular bubble blowers with having to blow really gentle, she always ends up blowing fast and blowing the solution away, not succeeding at making bubbles at all. And trust me, you don’t want to upset this 3 year old.

With this one, you hold the device and dip it into the bubble solution, and blow. You can blow soft or hard and it works great. It makes a lot of bubbles in one go. So you get more bang for your buck. And since it is made from plant based ingredients making it non toxic, I wasn’t worried about the amount of bubbles that were landing on my 10 month old. He just sat there and enjoyed the show.

Not only is the bubble solution safe and friendly, but so is the bubble blower and tray. It is made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) Acid) a substance extracted from corn, it is a totally natural and biodegradable product.

When I went back out to the deck later on, you could see where all the bubbles had been. I thought here we go, might need to get the Jif out. But all I did was pour water over it and it all dissolved and came off perfectly.

I would definitely buy this product again.

Find this great Mothers Corn bubble blowing kit here


Mothers Corn Bubble Blowing Kit

Mothers Corn Bubble Blowing Kit


Bubble Blowing Kit

Bubble Blowing Kit


Bubble Wands

Natural Bubble Blowing Kit

Melted Crayon Art



I did this fun little melted crayon art project with my daughter Scarlette this afternoon.

She had such a ball, after all, she’s very much into sorting colours and groups etc. , so she was in charge of putting the crayons in their colours. She was in her element.


You will need

An eager helper (mine was a super excited almost 4 year old)

Crayons (I used 3 x packets of 24 packs $1.50 each from the $2 shop)

A canvas (mine was a 12″ x 12″ one from Big W $5.50)

Hot glue gun

Hair dryer

Something to lay down in case you make a mess.


Crayons, canvas & hot glue gun

Crayons, canvas & hot glue gun


First we laid out an old tablecloth on the floor, just in case we got a little buck wild with melted crayons.

 We emptied out all 3 packets of crayons. Then Scarlette got busy sorting them into their colours. You can obviously use any combination of colours, but we went with the bright ones and were left with ‘the scraps’ as she called them. I just put them in with all her art supplies, so they didn’t go to waste.


Scarlette sorting the colours

Scarlette sorting the colours


"The scraps"

“The scraps”


Then line them up however you would like them on your canvas. I just placed them going straight across the top. Thought I’d keep it simple for this one, might try doing another one using her name in it somehow when I’m feeling adventurous (or when I know her baby brother isn’t going to want to get involved)



All ready to be glued

All ready to be glued

Start glueing. Make a line of glue a little shorter than what the crayon is. Then keep doing that for each crayon. Trying to keep the line nice and straight. Mine got a little wonky but not too badly. (That’s where the kids come in handy, just blame them)



Keep the glue line shorter than the crayon

Keep the glue line shorter than the crayon



The gluing was the most time consuming part

The gluing was the most time consuming part

As soon as you have the crayons all glued on ready to go, it’s time to get the hair dryer out. I’d suggest putting your hair dryer on a medium heat and speed. Mine only has low or high and I kept alternating between each setting. But medium would have been great.



Its started!

Its started!



Getting there

Getting there


Hold the hair dryer on an angle so it’s pointing down, directing the melted wax downwards. I moved across so I wasn’t staying on the one area too long. Keep doing so for as long as it takes to get the desired look. This one didn’t take long at all. Scarlette said it was finished and that’s how she wanted it to look. So that was that. All done! Our very own melted crayon art picture




Starting to look great






Happy with the end result

Happy with the end result



Melted Crayon Art

The final product! easy peasy

We hope you enjoyed this melted Crayon Art Tutorial

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First Winner of our Healthy Snack Competition

Thank you to Marnie T. for this fantastic Healthy Halloween treat for the kids!

A $50 gift certificate from That’s 2 Cute is on its way to you.

There are still 2 more vouchers to give away details are here We will give one away each week on Wednesday till the end of October 2013


Halloween doesn’t have to be all sugar!

So easy all you need is:

  • Apples
  • Lemon
  • Almond or other nut butter (Optional, leave out for nut allergies)
  • 100% fruit jam
  • almond slivers

To Make:

Squeeze the lemon in a small bowl of water and soak cut apples for 5 minutes to stop them from browning

spread the nut butter onto half of the  pieces of apple

Stick the almond slivers into the apple slices to resemble teeth

put the pieces with nut butter on a plate and attach the half of the apple with no nut butter

Spread the jam

And there you have it a scary healthy treat for the kids