The Wishlist feature allows you to keep a record of products that you like.

Please note: To use the Wishlist you need to set up an account, otherwise your choices will not be remembered if you leave the site.

If you do not already have an account, please create one before starting your Wishlist. When you have an account, login. Once logged in you can add your favorite products to the Wishlist and they will remain in your list until such time as you remove them.

To add a product, first identify the desired product, then click "View Product" to see the details of the product. Click the "Add to Wishlist" item.

At any time you can view the contents of your Wishlist by clicking the “Wishlist” Button.

When you are viewing the list of products, you are able to remove an individual product by hovering over the item and clicking "Remove”.

You are also able to remove all products from the Wish List by clicking the "Clear Wishlist" Button.

At any time you may leave the Wishlist page by clicking "Continue Shopping", or simply choosing another page from the site navigation.